What would fishermen be, without a bag full of tackle? How would we keep ourselves occupied on winter nights? How would we pass the time while we were waiting for a bite? And, most important of all, how would we spend our money?

This page has links to a series of articles which focus on the fascinating subject of fishing tackle. The astonishing thing is that so much of it has survived from bygone ages and our aim is to provide a comprehensive view of what it was like to fish in times past.



Gear & GadgetsHardy Gear & Gadgets

A weird and wonderful selection of Hardy brothers gadgets.



The history of the House of Hardy

William and JJ Hardy built a business of which legends have been made. This is their story.



The story of the Hardy Perfect

The Perfect is the most famous reel ever made and Hardys' have it back in production again.



J.W. Young & sons

The hidden story of one of Britain's most successful tackle firms.



Amaretto luresA brief history of British baits

Read the astonish-
ingly colourful history behind the development of the lure



Line winders

Once so common, winders are vanishing fast. Click here to view a gallery of lost treasures.



A short history of the reel

For many thousands of years, anglers did without reels - but now we can't manage without them.



The CC de France

The most famous production rod ever made, the CC de France won Hardy numerous competitions over half a century.



A brief history of the hook

Learn how the hook was transformed from a hand-made item to the mass produced marvel it is today.



A brief history of the fishing rod

The magic wands we use today are the direct descendents of hazel shoots that our fore-fathers cut from hedges.




The unlikely history of a classic bait - the story of the Devon minnow.